How to trace DNS in cPanel?


          This function will trace the DNS delegation for a domain name from the Internet DNS root servers down to the DNS servers responsible (authoritative) for the domain. This can be useful to find out if a domain is delegated correctly.


  1. Login to cPanel
  2. In search bar type “Cron jobs”


or go to Advanced section


Click on Trace DNS


Trace DNS consist of two things

  • Domain Lookup
  • Trace Route

Domain Lookup:-



The Domain Lookup tool allows you to find out the IP address of any domain, as well as DNS information about that domain.


  1. Enter the domain that you want to lookup.


and then click on Look up.


After clicking on lookup you will get the details


Trace Route:-



            Trace the route that packets take from one destination to another. The trace route here will trace the route that a packet takes from our web server to the destination that you enter. The results display a list of routers traversed (the path taken) for a packet from our web server to reach a particular destination on the network.


You just need to click on “Trace” and then you will get the route from the computer you are accessing cPanel from to the server your site is on